Why Customer Feedback is Important For Online Business

So you’re doing everything right; you’ve created your website, started your business, and are dealing with different customers.

But something’s wrong. You cannot engage your customer for long for them to give their valuable Feedback.

You are haven’t able to connect with your customer; it might be because your website is not engaging enough to leave a comment.

But Feedback is essential. It shows interest, views, and opinions from the majority; if we don’t know what’s wrong, we can’t do less of it.

Feedback can be negative or positive, but you need to listen to your own criticize your work to grow more.

Their opinion is a resource for improving customer experience and adjusting your actions to their needs.

Feedback is vital for Brand promotion; it provides essential information for the Brand to know where it is going wrong and improve itself That’s where Net promoter Score.

You see, time is precious, especially for the viewer; we can’t for once assume the fact that a viewer is going to sit around and spend his time to share all that is wrong with your website, which is why we have to make it as such for the viewer to provide its opinion and share their experiences as easy and as quickly as we can.

List of Some Customer Feedback Software

  1. NotifyVisitors
  2. Hubspot
  3. SurveySparrow
  4. Qualaroo
  5. canny.io

With Notifyvisitors or any Other feedback software you can -Design your own NPS survey (Customize everything, Headings, questions, etc.)

Ask questions on Multi platforms (Conduct your surveys via web, mobile, email, etc.)
Get Analytics and insights (Ease in customer segmentation with analytics including country, city, device, etc.)

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Web Push Notification: An ultimate solution to web marketing.

Nowadays, in the digital market, you often listen to terms like Web Push Notification. Along with email marketing, web push notifications work very effectively when it comes to bringing new customers. Here is a short introduction to Push notifications.

What is Push Notification?

Push Notifications are messages that can be sent to a user via multiple devices like mobile phones, desktops, or tablets.

  • Websites or mobile applications can send messages.
  • Messages reach the cell phone, tablets, and desktops instantly.

Difference between Web Push Notifications and App Push Notifications:

Some brands do not have apps, and these brands can leverage many of the benefits of NotifyVisitors Web Push Notifications. The only thing required to send a web push notification is a website with a web push code installed in it.

App Push Notifications are sent via code installed in an app.

How does Web Push Notification work?

Web push notification is a message sent by a website or web application. It appears on a device even if the website or app is closed. 

Push marketing is strictly permission-based, so you have to obtain consent from a user to send them your Push Notification.

When users open a website, they see an opt-in box asking to allow or block push notifications.

If you click “Allow,” the user joins your subscription list. Now they can receive your messages right to their desktop and be redirected to any web page you have determined after clicking on the push.

Elements of Web Push Notification:

Web Push Notification consists of mainly 6 elements:

  • The close button: It lets the user close the web push notification box.
  • Settings button: it lets the user go to settings and unsubscribe from web pushes
  • The title is where you write the essential information about your web push, as the name of an article or an offer
  • Description, extents the title, and serves a more detailed explanation of what your web push is about.
  • Website address redirects the user to the page you want them to visit.
  • The logo is used to reinforce your web push topic and show the user who is sending the message.

Benefits of Push Notification

Web Push is an excellent source of Digital Marketing. It has a big potential to influence all digital Marketing activities. 

Some significant benefits of Push Notifications are:

  • It is Accessible, the subscription process is fast, and it excludes some steps which are necessary for email opt-in. Only pressing the “Allow” button is enough for a user to subscribe; the user does not need to enter their name and email and check in the inbox to confirm the subscription.
  • It is Noticeable, even if the website is closed, the notifications appear on top of the screens and drag users’ attention.
  • Web Push notifications have low unsubscribe rates than Email and SMS marketing.
  • It helps in engaging with the users who are not in contact list of the website. Any user who has once visited any website and grant his permission for notifications can be reached through Push notification.
  • In a study on Web Push Notifications states that push notifications have high conversation rate.

It is a low cost, SMS notifications cost money, emails require a lot of time to be created, but the web pushed only to make a couple of minutes. You can send web push notifications almost for free.

What is Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on developing deeper, meaningful, and more sustainable customer connections to ensure long-term satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. Relationship marketing is not focused on short-term wins or sales transactions — rather, it focuses on delighting the audience and your customers on a long-haul basis.

The following are some of the renowned companies having adopted the relationship marketing strategy:

  • Domino’s
  • ArmourSuit
  • Marriott
  • GE
  • Panera

1. Domino’s

Domino’s has taken a fair share of risk over the past couple of years for innovation and improvements — including an ad series called the Pizza Turnaround where a number of negative customer reviews, read by the real Domino’s employees, have been presented before a new and improved recipe as promised.

These self-deprecating ads genuinely appeal to viewers but clearly oppose any standard sales playbook. That is why they work. That’s why they work. Domino has reinvented her brand as transparent and honest by admitting her mistake — and who wouldn’t buy it from a business like these?

Domino’s has also led other brilliant marketing campaigns, such as the Domino Wedding Registry, in which couples will soon be able to create an own registry of pizzas. Domino’s also did a wonderful job in getting a digital audience – sometimes, people could even order pizzas with a simple emoji pizza. The digital channels now account for half of Domino’s sales.

Lastly, Domino has taken many risky steps to build a loyal, long-term client base. They accepted short-term losses for longer-term gains by reinventing their products and brands slowly and strategically and then engaging their audience on the preferred digital platforms of their customers.

2. ArmorSuit

ArmorSuit’s warranty policy starts as follows : “Most warranties are limited to 30 days or one year, but with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty, our customers can qualify for a lifetime replacement screen protector. This way, you will never need to purchase a whole new kit when a replacement is needed. The lifetime warranty of ArmorSuit is the firm commitment to satisfy its customers. While offering a lifetime warranty might seem ridiculous, it makes sense to build strong links with ArmorSuit customers , if customers need additional technology-related products, they will most probably check ArmorSuit website first.


Of course, a 35-minute film is not the hotel’s most conventional path to increase its sales — and still, Marriott chose her movie, Two Bellmen Three. This movie, along with other influential contents, including “Episodes,” which imitates documentaries from TV travels, enables Marriott to draw attention to younger demographics and build awareness of young people’s domain At

best, their material is rarely an advertisement and is typically focused on delivering information about different destinations for fun or helpful audience.

4. GE

Relationship marketing is ultimately about offering valuable content to both new and existing customers regardless of where they are on your buyer’s journey. Good relationship marketing should appeal to a random viewer as powerfully as it appeals to your long-term customers to ensure that your customers can grow with you on a long-haul basis. For example, GE has created two sponsored podcasts, which together resulted in almost 8 million downloads. In addition, the company has a popular YouTube channel and a blog with topics ranging from Arnold Spielberg to 3D printing. By consistently offering a wide range of quality content, GE demonstrates its desire to satisfy its long-term customers at the expense of short-term gains.


In 2014, Panera issued a statement promising its customers to remove all artificial flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives from all Panera products by the end of 2016. The company remained transparent throughout the process, publishing progress reports to demonstrate a level of accountability and transparency for its customers. Undoubtedly, it was a risky decision to admit that they had previously used unsafe ingredients in their food — but it paid off a lot in 2016 when the company could officially have said: “100 % of our food is 100 % clean.”

Now, they continue to focus on cultivating strong relationships with their clients through personalization. For example, they alert loyalty members to new food offerings that they feel will meet the “flavour profile” of the member.

They also meet their customers where they are—26% of Panera’s orders are digitally generated and offer home and business delivery, quick pick-up and catering. Their commitment to health and convenience resulted in 28 million Panera Loyalty Members and 13 million subscribers to the newsletter.

Next, let’s explore how you can create a strong marketing strategy for your own business.

Below written is some Relationship Marketing Strategies that must be kept in mind:

  • Provide personalized, customer-focused service.
  • Engage with the customer where they are.
  • Offer incentive and rewards for customer loyalty.
  • Creates precious content that tells an impressive story.
  • Collect feedback regularly.

Provide personalized, customer-focused service.

You should never concentrate primarily on your product or service when you create a relationship marketing strategy and engage with your customers. You should always be concerned about the customer, instead— would the customer like this ad to look for? Is this Instagram post exciting to the customer? Does the customer enjoy our new product?

Furthermore, when your clients need help, it is essential to create direct support channels. Perhaps to address service-related concerns you implement a Facebook Messaging Bot. Alternatively, you may be able to answer questions from your clients using Instagram DM. When you meet your clients in places that they want to meet, you are willing to help them despite the difficulties that may result in your overall business process.

Engage with the customer where they are.

It is not only because of the content that Marriott’s strategy works— but also because of where they post it. The production of videos for Snapchat allows Marriott to draw on a younger demographic on a platform with this audience already popular.

In the same way, you must learn which platforms for your ideal demographic are most popular. You show a degree of helpfulness and understanding through these channels, which helps these users interact with your brand.

Offer incentive and rewards for customer loyalty.

It is essential that you continue to engage with clients even after you have purchased a product in order to develop a long-term relationship with your clients and to create lasting brand loyalty. Consider what you can offer to you as soon as you are a customer–maybe you can get an extra discount or personalized recommendation based on your wishes.

Consider Panera–Panera continues to encourage its customers to buy additional products by creating a loyalty rewards program and slowly forms a more meaningful relationship by

gathering information about each customer and then using the information to offer unique ideas according to their individual food preferences.

Creates precious content that tells an impressive story.

Instead of seeing any additional product ads to become a brand loyalist if a client has already purchased his or her product, they must feel that your business provides valuable content irrespective of its buying intent.

The film from Marriott is not designed to convert a viewer to a paid customer immediately. Rather, it’s intended to raise brand awareness, so that they will remember the compelling film they’ve seen and think about Marriott while the spectator is ready to book a hotel for a coming trip.

Collect feedback regularly.

A connection operates in two directions–it is essential to develop a genuinely meaningful relationship with your customers. What does your brand want to see? What’s your product like about them? What do you want on your blog you wrote about? This information is essential to ensure that you consistently improve your relationship marketing strategy to meet your particular audience’s needs.

What is Marketing Automation and How to make it Work for you

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a solution that supports your marketing activities?  And you won’t end up sending unnecessary messages to your potential and existing customers. Well here is the solution marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation is a technology on which marketers are willing to invest to achieve that relief. It enables marketers to nurture leads into paying customers by providing personalized content. Not only this it helps you to build better customer relationships and pays close attention to the potential customer unmet demands.

It is not just the automation of processes it helps in planning an effective marketing strategy. Successful marketing automation is centered on the customers.  With this, you not only identify what are the customer’s points of friction but you can reduce such points of friction and achieve ROI on time.

You do marketing to bring revenue to your company. And to do this you make persistent efforts to drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads and convert them into customers. And where marketing automation tools make a huge impact is the conversion process.

What’s in Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software is all related to the streamlining of marketing activities. It enables users to automate social media posting, email marketing, and ad campaigns. With the help of these users can focus on elevating the customer experience.

Previously, traditional marketing automation is related to email clicks and opens or shooting emails on delays. But world-class marketing automation pays close attention to customer behavior and interaction across all the channels such as emails, social media, web pages, or websites. This helps a marketer a lot as it enables you to understand the potential customer pain-points. A marketer can even use such tangible information to deliver the right message at the right time. And turn the potential customer into paying customers.

When Marketing Automation system does not work

If you have a database of qualified leads but you haven’t converted those leads into customers.  And to nurture those leads you are implementing marketing automation. This results in low ROI because such tactics lead to lower engagement.

How to make the most out of the Marketing Automation tool?

You use email marketing to generate tangible results. You might be shooting endless emails to your entire list of customers and qualified leads. By hoping that it leads to conversion but does it work actually? What went wrong?

There are chances that sometimes it works for you, but the real outcomes are this:

  • You are using focus, effort, time, and money to someone who might not be interested in your messages.
  • You might end up losing your leads and customer’s interests by delivering wrong messages every time.

And I hope this is not what you want to do. Leveraging marketing automation system capabilities you enable yourself to nurture leads throughout the complete buying journey process. By delivering personalized content to your savvy potential and existing customers that address their every queries, doubts, and question before they buy your product or service.

How automated email workflow looks like:

Step 1: You shoot an email invitation to download your all-new eBook to a specific set of contact list

Step 2: Then you send a Thank you note to all those people who downloaded your eBook

Step 3:  And after a few days later, you shoot a follow-up email to all those people who end up buying your eBook, offering them a case study that is completely related to your downloaded eBook.

Step 4: And when some people downloaded your case study, your sales experts will immediately get a notification so they can contact these interested people. These people are the qualified leads and are much more interested in buying your products or services.

Now look from the customer’s perspective. You receive personalized emails, more targeted messages every time from a trusted company. This is what this groundbreaking technology marketing automation tool does this to your persistent marketing efforts. And ultimately drive more revenues to your company.

If you are getting a good amount of web traffic or organic leads from different sources then this is the right time to make an investment in this tool. This will boost your current level of marketing efforts and can even turn your leads into a new customer.  But before going forward with marketing automation systems I would suggest you to investigate on below points.

  • Are you able to generate a good amount of qualified leads?
  • Are Marketing and Sales team are in tune in terms of conversation?
  • Do you have a content strategy to know more about customers?
  • Are different marketing departments working in different silos? If yes, then please fix it.

Because marketing automation tools can only aid the current level of marketing efforts and can’t do marketing for you.

Now let’s discuss How to make the most out of the Marketing Automation tool?
  • Firstly make sure that you keep an eye on your realistic goals and start integrating your inbound marketing strategy with the implementation of marketing automation. This will help you to deliver the right message at the right time to your potential customers.Wouldn’t it be great if you gain your potential customer attention if you shoot emails with the  right content?
  • Smart marketers always keep a close watch on their existing savvy customer’s unmet demands and craft their content marketing strategy accordingly. This would make them stick your content and believe in your expertise.
  • And yes, make sure that you don’t shoot an irrelevant message to the existing contact list. Because there are chances your message will be unread, deleted, or end up in spam.


 A marketing automation tool supports your marketing efforts and enables you to focus more on realistic goals. I hope this write-up brings more clarity in understanding the successful implementation of marketing automation software. With marketing automation software you ease your customer buying process.

Best Email Marketing Tips You Will Read This Year

Email Marketing is a digital marketing procedure that involves sending emails to customers as well as to prospects for promoting a brand’s products and services. It is an effective way to retain customers and turn prospects into loyal customers. For, it helps brands to directly connect with their leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. Owing to its success rate, this digital marketing strategies being practiced for a long time now.

In this article, we tell you the importance of email marketing for your brand, and how you can come up with a successful email marketing campaign. Here we go.

The Importance of Email Marketing

importance of email marketing

Email marketing has been around ever since the advent of emails for many good reasons. Here are some of those.

  • Widespread: A huge world population uses the email. Statista, a German online statistics portal, says that there are 3.9 billion email users across the world (2019 statistics), and this number is expected to raise to 4.3 billion by 2023. 

  • Round- the- clock marketing facilitation: Email marketers can reach their customers with their messages 24×7 hours a week, 365 days per year. Further, this can be done with reduced effort and time.

  • High checking rate: Statistics says that 91% of consumers check their emails daily. And, there are even customers who check their emails 20 times per day.

  • Extensive usage: Despite the emergence of diverse forms of communication, email still leads. Estimates by Statista say that each day 293.6 billion emails were sent and received in 2019 alone, and this number is expected to grow to 347.3 billion by 2022.

  • Massive ROI: A well-planned email campaign can offer high returns on your investment. The Data and Marketing Association (DMA), UK, says that for every $1 spent one mail marketing, an average return of $42 can be expected. And, that’s really huge!

  • Popular content distribution medium: For many businesses, email is the third most renowned content distribution medium, after social media and company website. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 statistics says that 87 percent of businesses disseminate their content using email. Apart from organic email marketing, about one third of businesses also promote themselves via paid collaborations.

  • Drives customer acquisition and retention: Many midsize and small businesses find email marketing to be their primary inducer of customer acquisition and retention. Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform firm in the world, says that 81% of midsize and small businesses depend on email as their main customer acquisition medium, and 80% of them for retention. Research findings show that best email marketing is more efficient than social media, paid search and organic search with respect to acquiring and retaining customers.

By looking at all the above information, you will be able to conclude that email marketing has high potential in efficiently promoting a business.

Ways to come up with a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

successful email marketing campaign

Here are several proven tips for an effective email marketing.

best email marketing tips
  • Send out welcome emails

Open rate refers to the number of individuals who have opened your email. The higher the opening the rates, the better is your marketing strategy. According to GetResponse, a comprehensive online marketing platform, welcome mails have an average open rate of 82%. So, make welcome emails a part of your email marketing. However, let your email advertising strategy be subtle.

Incorporate only useful and attractive information in these mails. For example, send them a write upon something like “Six Ways to Ensure the Durability of your Footwear”. It would be better if it does not bear your product names.

  • Customized emails work

The average open rate for product/service promotion emails is 20.81%. However, by customizing an email, you can increase this percent by 50%, says a 2019 study by Yes Marketing, a leading cross-channel marketing solutions provider. So, personalize your email’s subject and greeting line by incorporating the receiver’s name even when you are sending bulk email. Also, refrain from sending the same content to all your subscribers. Go for segmented lists, and segregate content on the basis of user preferences. Personalization compels the receiver to open, click through, and become a buyer.

  • Abandoned cart emails

Often ecommerce sites find many abandoned carts. That is, customers would have added some items to the cart, but would have left without purchasing those.

Businesses can overcome this issue by sending abandoned cart emails to those customers. Sending three abandoned cart emails can result in 69% more orders than single emails, reports a study by Omni send, an email marketing automation solution provider.

  • Email My Cart Campaigns

Ecommerce businesses that run Email My Cart campaigns effectively sell their products, says a study by Barilliance. According to that study,39.42% of email recipients clicked through these emails.

And, these emails generated 54.9% more revenue per email, making Email My Cart campaigns the most surpassingly converting ones. Unfortunately, only a few businesses employ this best email marketing strategy. Email marketing companies should therefore direct some effort towards this henceforth, and thereby help their clients reap massive benefits.

  • Interactive emails

Newsletter marketing can make the audience bored. So, create user engagement by incorporating interactive content. MarTech Advisor, a leading media brand, reports on the basis of its 2017 data that by including videos to your email, you can increase the click rates by 300%. Emails can also be made interactive by adding GIFs, collapsible menus, sliders, short surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. Remember to optimize your interactive emails for mobile devices. For, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world, and most of them spend a considerable amount of time dailyon it.

  • Frequent emails

Often marketers tend to be concerned regarding whether or not continual emails from them are welcomed. Cheer up! For, statistics has a positive news for you. As per the 2017 Statista data, 49% of customers report being happy to receive weekly emails from their favorite brands.

Yes, your customers like to hear from you often via emails. So, businesses should not fear performing frequent and direct email marketing.

Rounding up, email marketing has its own importance and effectiveness, and therefore should not be replaced by any other online or offline marketing technique. Your email marketing partner should execute the above given strategies (and more) on your behalf to promote your brand via emails.