Web Push Notification: An ultimate solution to web marketing.

Nowadays, in the digital market, you often listen to terms like Web Push Notification. Along with email marketing, web push notifications work very effectively when it comes to bringing new customers. Here is a short introduction to Push notifications.

What is Push Notification?

Push Notifications are messages that can be sent to a user via multiple devices like mobile phones, desktops, or tablets.

  • Websites or mobile applications can send messages.
  • Messages reach the cell phone, tablets, and desktops instantly.

Difference between Web Push Notifications and App Push Notifications:

Some brands do not have apps, and these brands can leverage many of the benefits of NotifyVisitors Web Push Notifications. The only thing required to send a web push notification is a website with a web push code installed in it.

App Push Notifications are sent via code installed in an app.

How does Web Push Notification work?

Web push notification is a message sent by a website or web application. It appears on a device even if the website or app is closed. 

Push marketing is strictly permission-based, so you have to obtain consent from a user to send them your Push Notification.

When users open a website, they see an opt-in box asking to allow or block push notifications.

If you click “Allow,” the user joins your subscription list. Now they can receive your messages right to their desktop and be redirected to any web page you have determined after clicking on the push.

Elements of Web Push Notification:

Web Push Notification consists of mainly 6 elements:

  • The close button: It lets the user close the web push notification box.
  • Settings button: it lets the user go to settings and unsubscribe from web pushes
  • The title is where you write the essential information about your web push, as the name of an article or an offer
  • Description, extents the title, and serves a more detailed explanation of what your web push is about.
  • Website address redirects the user to the page you want them to visit.
  • The logo is used to reinforce your web push topic and show the user who is sending the message.

Benefits of Push Notification

Web Push is an excellent source of Digital Marketing. It has a big potential to influence all digital Marketing activities. 

Some significant benefits of Push Notifications are:

  • It is Accessible, the subscription process is fast, and it excludes some steps which are necessary for email opt-in. Only pressing the “Allow” button is enough for a user to subscribe; the user does not need to enter their name and email and check in the inbox to confirm the subscription.
  • It is Noticeable, even if the website is closed, the notifications appear on top of the screens and drag users’ attention.
  • Web Push notifications have low unsubscribe rates than Email and SMS marketing.
  • It helps in engaging with the users who are not in contact list of the website. Any user who has once visited any website and grant his permission for notifications can be reached through Push notification.
  • In a study on Web Push Notifications states that push notifications have high conversation rate.

It is a low cost, SMS notifications cost money, emails require a lot of time to be created, but the web pushed only to make a couple of minutes. You can send web push notifications almost for free.