Best Email Marketing Tips You Will Read This Year

Email Marketing is a digital marketing procedure that involves sending emails to customers as well as to prospects for promoting a brand’s products and services. It is an effective way to retain customers and turn prospects into loyal customers. For, it helps brands to directly connect with their leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. Owing to its success rate, this digital marketing strategies being practiced for a long time now.

In this article, we tell you the importance of email marketing for your brand, and how you can come up with a successful email marketing campaign. Here we go.

The Importance of Email Marketing

importance of email marketing

Email marketing has been around ever since the advent of emails for many good reasons. Here are some of those.

  • Widespread: A huge world population uses the email. Statista, a German online statistics portal, says that there are 3.9 billion email users across the world (2019 statistics), and this number is expected to raise to 4.3 billion by 2023. 

  • Round- the- clock marketing facilitation: Email marketers can reach their customers with their messages 24×7 hours a week, 365 days per year. Further, this can be done with reduced effort and time.

  • High checking rate: Statistics says that 91% of consumers check their emails daily. And, there are even customers who check their emails 20 times per day.

  • Extensive usage: Despite the emergence of diverse forms of communication, email still leads. Estimates by Statista say that each day 293.6 billion emails were sent and received in 2019 alone, and this number is expected to grow to 347.3 billion by 2022.

  • Massive ROI: A well-planned email campaign can offer high returns on your investment. The Data and Marketing Association (DMA), UK, says that for every $1 spent one mail marketing, an average return of $42 can be expected. And, that’s really huge!

  • Popular content distribution medium: For many businesses, email is the third most renowned content distribution medium, after social media and company website. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 statistics says that 87 percent of businesses disseminate their content using email. Apart from organic email marketing, about one third of businesses also promote themselves via paid collaborations.

  • Drives customer acquisition and retention: Many midsize and small businesses find email marketing to be their primary inducer of customer acquisition and retention. Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform firm in the world, says that 81% of midsize and small businesses depend on email as their main customer acquisition medium, and 80% of them for retention. Research findings show that best email marketing is more efficient than social media, paid search and organic search with respect to acquiring and retaining customers.

By looking at all the above information, you will be able to conclude that email marketing has high potential in efficiently promoting a business.

Ways to come up with a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

successful email marketing campaign

Here are several proven tips for an effective email marketing.

best email marketing tips
  • Send out welcome emails

Open rate refers to the number of individuals who have opened your email. The higher the opening the rates, the better is your marketing strategy. According to GetResponse, a comprehensive online marketing platform, welcome mails have an average open rate of 82%. So, make welcome emails a part of your email marketing. However, let your email advertising strategy be subtle.

Incorporate only useful and attractive information in these mails. For example, send them a write upon something like “Six Ways to Ensure the Durability of your Footwear”. It would be better if it does not bear your product names.

  • Customized emails work

The average open rate for product/service promotion emails is 20.81%. However, by customizing an email, you can increase this percent by 50%, says a 2019 study by Yes Marketing, a leading cross-channel marketing solutions provider. So, personalize your email’s subject and greeting line by incorporating the receiver’s name even when you are sending bulk email. Also, refrain from sending the same content to all your subscribers. Go for segmented lists, and segregate content on the basis of user preferences. Personalization compels the receiver to open, click through, and become a buyer.

  • Abandoned cart emails

Often ecommerce sites find many abandoned carts. That is, customers would have added some items to the cart, but would have left without purchasing those.

Businesses can overcome this issue by sending abandoned cart emails to those customers. Sending three abandoned cart emails can result in 69% more orders than single emails, reports a study by Omni send, an email marketing automation solution provider.

  • Email My Cart Campaigns

Ecommerce businesses that run Email My Cart campaigns effectively sell their products, says a study by Barilliance. According to that study,39.42% of email recipients clicked through these emails.

And, these emails generated 54.9% more revenue per email, making Email My Cart campaigns the most surpassingly converting ones. Unfortunately, only a few businesses employ this best email marketing strategy. Email marketing companies should therefore direct some effort towards this henceforth, and thereby help their clients reap massive benefits.

  • Interactive emails

Newsletter marketing can make the audience bored. So, create user engagement by incorporating interactive content. MarTech Advisor, a leading media brand, reports on the basis of its 2017 data that by including videos to your email, you can increase the click rates by 300%. Emails can also be made interactive by adding GIFs, collapsible menus, sliders, short surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. Remember to optimize your interactive emails for mobile devices. For, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world, and most of them spend a considerable amount of time dailyon it.

  • Frequent emails

Often marketers tend to be concerned regarding whether or not continual emails from them are welcomed. Cheer up! For, statistics has a positive news for you. As per the 2017 Statista data, 49% of customers report being happy to receive weekly emails from their favorite brands.

Yes, your customers like to hear from you often via emails. So, businesses should not fear performing frequent and direct email marketing.

Rounding up, email marketing has its own importance and effectiveness, and therefore should not be replaced by any other online or offline marketing technique. Your email marketing partner should execute the above given strategies (and more) on your behalf to promote your brand via emails.

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